Upcoming SBI Board Meetings

Time/Location Agenda and Meeting Materials

   Wednesday, August 14, 2024
   10:00 A.M.

   Minnesota Senate Building
   Room 1200
   95 University Avenue West
   St. Paul, MN 55103   


   Thursday, November 21, 2024
   10:00 A.M.



  • Some members of the State Board of Investment may participate in the meeting electronically. If a Board Member calls in, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 13D.015, subd. 4, the State Board of Investment shall, to the extent practical, allow a person to monitor the meeting electronically from a remote location. 
  • Public Engagement at SBI Board Meetings

Historical SBI Board Meetings

Meeting materials from the SBI's Board meetings, older that 2020, can be found by clicking the button below.