Quarterly ESG Reports

The SBI's Quarterly ESG reports highlight some of the most recent ESG and Stewardship Activities engaged in by the SBI.

ESG Stewardship Report

The SBI's ESG Stewardship Report provides information on how the SBI fulfills its fiduciary duty by managing ESG risks across its investment portfolios through Stewardship and ESG Incorporation.  

  FY 2021 ESG Stewardship Report

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

The SBI became a PRI signatory in 2019 and was required to report on it responsible investment activities for 2020 in early 2021.  Public transparency reports will be released on the PRI website in June 2022.  In the interest of transparency and timelines, the SBI has released a provisional transparency report below.  This report shows the responses the SBI submitted during the reporting period.  The PRI reporting process plays a key role in shaping the SBI's approach to ESG and Stewardship. 

  PROVISIONAL 2021 PRI Transparency Report for the SBI (pdf)