State Trust Funds and other eligible entities may invest their assets with the SBI in one or more of the Non-Retirement Fund investment options, depending on the rules established for the entity.

Investment Options

Non-Retirement Fund Investment Options

Non-Retirement assets are primarily invested with external institutional investment managers in a separate account.  Met Council OPEB Fixed Income Portfolio is internally managed by SBI staff.

  • Non-Retirement Equity Fund  
  • Non-Retirement Bond Fund  
  • Non-Retirement Money Market Fund  
  • Assigned Risk U.S. Government Intermediate Fixed Income Portfolio  
  • Met Council Fixed Income Laddered Portfolio  


Eligible Investment Options By Plan

Participating Entities Non-Retirement Equity Fund Non-Retirement Bond Fund Non-Retirement Money Market Fund  Assigned Risk
U.S. Govt Intermediate Fixed Income Portfolio
Met Council Fixed Income Laddered Portfolio
Trusts and Other Participating Entities      
Assigned Risk Plan (Trusts and Participating Entities)          
Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB)      
Met Council (OPEB)          
Qualifying Governmental Entities          


Investment Prospectus

The Investment Prospectus provides information on the SBI, Non-Retirement Funds investment options, and the procedures to open an account for public entities authorized to invest with the SBI. The prospectus also includes a summary of the management of the funds, past performance, total expenses, and other information for the three Non-Retirement Fund asset class options.