Public Markets

The Public Markets Asset Listing provides an unaudited list of domestic and international equities, fixed income, and cash equivalent securities owned by the SBI in the retirement, non-retirement, and State Cash accounts. 

This report is published biannually with data as of Fiscal Year Ending June 30 and Calendar Year Ending December 31.  The respective asset listing is posted by the end of the following quarter as soon as it is available. 

  Public Markets Asset Listing As of December 31 2023 (pdf)


Private Markets

The Private Markets Investments Asset Listing provides a list of the SBI's fund commitments in private equity, private credit, real assets, and real estate. 

This report is published quarterly and is posted as soon as it is available. 

Data presented in this report is made public pursuant Minn. Stats. Chs. 13 and 13D, and Minn. Stat. 11A.24 subd. 6(c).  Additional information on private markets investments may be classified as non-public and not subject to disclosure.

  Private Markets Commitments As of December 31 2023 (pdf)