Public engagement with the Minnesota State Board of Investment (SBI), its staff, and the Investment Advisory Committee is an important part of the SBI’s governance of the State of Minnesota’s retirement, state trust, and other investments.

The SBI's Speaker Policy is designed to provide a fair opportunity for people and groups to present helpful comments to SBI; and balances the desire for transparency and public input with the need for organized and efficient SBI meetings.  This policy will remain in effect until amended or superseded by SBI action. SBI has the authority to agree by a majority of its members to deviate from this policy under extraordinary circumstances.

Steps for Submitting a Request to Comment

If you or your group would like to speak on a particular topic you may do so by submitting a Request to Make Public Comment Form (Request Form), no later than 5:00 p.m. Central Time five business days before the date of the meeting.

The Board will try to publish the Board meeting agenda ten business days before the date of the meeting.

If an agenda item is added after the initial publication of the agenda, you or your group may submit a Request Form to the Chair of the SBI after the deadline.

The Request to Make Public Comment Form is available on the SBI website. The Request Form contains information to assist SBI and staff in understanding the nature of the comment and amount of time that may be required to hear the comment. The form includes, among other things:

  • Your name (or in the case of a group, each individual speaker in your group);
  • Your or your group’s contact information;
  • A description or summary of the comment you or each person in your group wishes to make;
  • A description of how your comments relate to investment management of state retirement, trust, or other funds; and
  • A description of any previous presentations to the SBI you or your group have made, including the date of any such presentations.

When you submit your Request Form, you or your group may also provide any written materials you would like SBI to consider. If you do not provide written materials at the time of the request, the SBI staff may not be able to include the materials in the materials sent to the Board members and the Board members may not be able to review the materials before the meeting.

SBI staff will let you or your group know whether your Request Form and materials were received by the deadline.

SBI staff will provide all Request Forms to the Chair of the Board for consideration. Submitting a Request Form does not guarantee the Chair will approve your request. The Chair may decline your request for any reason, including because you have provided the same or similar comment at a previous Board meeting.

SBI staff will inform you whether your request has been approved before the Board meeting and will provide the Board members with a list of approved speakers and their materials.

Public Comment Rules

At the meeting, all comments are limited to five minutes per topic. In the event a group or more than one person wishes to comment on the same topic, the five minutes must be split between those speakers. The Chair has discretion to extend or restrict the time for each speaker.

At the meeting, all comments should be relevant to the agenda before the SBI and should be presented in a helpful and appropriate manner. Speakers should present their comments to the Chair and may not engage in personal attacks. The Board reserves the right to dismiss any speaker that engages in unproductive or hostile conduct.

Special Accommodations

Special accommodations, such as sign language interpreters or large print materials, can be provided with advance notice. Please let the SBI know if you require any special accommodations when you submit your Request Form.