Established in Minnesota Statutes 11A.17, the Supplemental Investment Fund (SIF)  is a multi-purpose investment platform that offers investment solutions to a variety of plans.  

Investment Options

Supplemental Investment Fund Investment Options

The Supplemental Investment Fund (SIF) platform provides a variety of investment options to help eligible participants meet their investment savings goals.  Participating plans and individuals may allocate their assets among one or more of the options that are appropriate for their needs and are within the rules and eligibility established for the participating entity.  Eligible plans in the Participant Directed Investment Program invest in the mutual fund platform and SIF options listed in the table below.  

  • SIF Asset Class Pools  
  • Volunteer Firefighter Account  
  • Stable Value  
  • Money Market Fund  


Eligible Investment Options By Plan

Investment Program / Plans

SIF Asset Class Pools Volunteer Firefighter Account1 Stable Value Fund Money Market Fund
U.S. Equity Index Fund U.S.  Actively Managed Fund Broad Int'l Equity Fund Bond Fund Balanced Fund
Fire Relief Plans + Other Public Retirement Plan
Volunteer Fire Relief Associations              
Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Plan            
Other Public Retirement Plan                
Participant Directed Investment Program
Health Care Savings Plan                
Hennepin County Supplemental Retirement Plan                
PERA DC Plan                
Unclassified Retirement Plan                

1 Volunteer Firefighter Account provides a balanced investment allocation using the respective pooled investment options. 

Investment Prospectus

The SBI publishes an Investment Prospectus(s) for the Supplemental Investment Fund and the Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Retirement (SVF) Plan, annually, after the end of the fiscal year.

  • The SIF Investment Prospectus provides performance, expenses, and other information regarding the investment options offered in the SIF Platform.
  • The SVF Plan Investment Prospectus provides performance, expenses, and other information regarding the Volunteer Firefighter Account.  The SVF Plan is invested in a diversified account and is administered by Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA).  

Performance and Unit Values

SIF Factsheets

Factsheets for the Supplemental Investment Fund investment options