In 2021, the SBI Executive Director established the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force to address the issue of DEI in the SBI Investment Program in response to the Board directive included in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Resolution dated February 26, 2020. 



The DEI Task Force is charged with reviewing the SBI's current investment portfolios, managers, consultants, and staff to identify opportunities to increase DEI in all aspects of the SBI's investment programs.  While the DEI Task Force has no decision-making authority, it will develop, review, and make recommendations on the following topics: 

1. Internal Audit:  Measure the current racial, gender, and other dimensions of diversity among SBI Staff, Investment Advisory Council, Consultants, Managers, and Investments.
2. Investment Beliefs:  Determine extent to which DEI may impact investment outcomes and if the current investment beliefs need to be updated. 
3. Education and Training:  Review resources for Staff and IAC to become more informed about DEI.
4. Emerging Manager Program:  Research the effectiveness of investment programs targeting asset managers with high levels of team diversity and determine if  such a program would work for the SBI.
5. Due Diligence:  Find best practices for incorporating DEI into manager evaluations. 

Task Force Members

The Current Task Force Membership is: DEI Task Force Staff Support

Susanna Gibbons
Carlson School of Management

Gary Martin
Macalester College

Peggy Ingison
Retiree Member Representative

Carol Peterfeso
University of St. Thomas

Bibi Black
Office of the Secretary of State



  Katie Comstock
  Aon Investments USA

  Nate Blumenshine
  SBI Staff





Reports from the DEI Task Force