SBI Staff Members


Mansco Perry III

Executive Director &
Chief Investment Officer

Charlene Olson

Executive Assistant

Andy Christensen

Assistant Executive Director, Investment Strategy and Administration

Erol Sonderegger

Assistant Executive Director, Portfolio Management and Risk Analysis


Patricia Ammann

Director, Investment Services and Operations

Paul T. Anderson

Director, Financial Services and Operations

Andrew Krech

Director, Private Markets and Asset Allocation

John Mulé

Director, Legal, Legislative Policy and Shareholder Services

Investment Staff

Nathan Blumenshine

Investment Officer, Private Markets, Proxies, and Performance

Cassandra Boll

Investment Officer, Private Markets and Fixed Income

Tammy Brusehaver

Investment Officer, Public Equity

Stephanie Gleeson

Investment Officer, Public Equity

Aaron D. Griga

Investment Officer, Fixed Income and Public Equity

Steven Kuettel

Investment Officer, Cash Management

Jonathan Stacy

Investment Officer, Private Markets

Jeffrey Weber

Investment Officer, Legal and Legislative Affairs

Administrative Staff

Kailee Anderson

Accounting Officer

Shirley Baribeau


Todd Lauf

Information Technology Manager

Melissa Mader

Office Admin. Specialist, Senior

William J. Nicol

Investment Accounting Specialist

Kelly Nordstrom

Office Admin. Specialist, Intermediate

Narmada Ramaswami

Accounting Officer, Senior

Iryna Shafir

Compliance Analyst