The Minnesota State Board of Investment’s Non-Retirement Fund for Qualifying Governmental Entities is for cities, counties and self-insurance pools who meet statutory requirements and are interested in investing with the SBI and in the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota’s (PERA) Long Term Equity Investment Account.

  Qualifying Governmental Entities Prospectus Cover Letter (pdf)

  2020 Non-Retirement Fund Investment Prospectus (pdf)

This prospectus provides information and procedures specific to those participating non-retirement entities authorized to invest with the State Board of Investment pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section 118A.09.  These entities are primarily cities and counties who meet the criteria provided within the statute. The statute also authorizes certain self-insurance pools to invest with the SBI as prescribed in the Minnesota Statutes, Section 471.982 subd. 3.

  Procedures – Non-Retirement Fund – Qualifying Governmental Entities (pdf)


Accessing your Plan's Account


The Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA) is the Account Administrator for the Long Term Equity Investment Account and the SBI is the Reporting Agency.

For more information on opening an account, please visit PERA's website.